FAA: An Innovative Partnership with the Choctaw Nation

innovative partnership
Photo by FAA

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is using drones to advance crop yield and promote careers in STEM through partnerships with the FAA. As we celebrate Native American Heritage Month, we spotlight some of the ways we have partnered with the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Together, we continue to introduce aerospace to communities where job opportunities may not have been possible.

Did you know

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma was the first tribal government to fly drones as a Public Aircraft Operator which provides greater flexibility with aircraft regulations. We look forward to their continued innovation with drones!

Above and BEYOND

As an FAA BEYOND lead participant, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma focus their drone operations on important, relevant, and realistic missions for tribal and rural communities. These include public safety, small package delivery, agriculture inspections, and low-altitude weather operations.

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An Innovative Partnership with the Choctaw Nation
Nov. 26, 2021