FAA: FAA, Choctaw Nation Unite under Drone Research

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The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma's Drone Fleet.

The FAA's collaboration with the Native American tribe to study the use of drones for package delivery, weather-related research, and STEM outreach.

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) is in the process of studying an exciting technology that will provide economic and social benefits to its people, and the FAA is there to help foster that research.

The FAA is partnering with CNO on the BEYOND drone program, created to work with state, local, and tribal governments to develop beyond visual line of sight operations for drones and opening doors to the many applications for which they can be used.

BEYOND will enable advances in drone operations, particularly in understanding how to safely incorporate routine beyond visual-line-of-sight flights into the National Airspace System (NAS).

The FAA will use data acquired by CNO and other lead participants to create operational standards around Part 135 operations — specifically, using drones to deliver small packages. That research should help the agency analyze and quantify the societal and economic benefits of drone operations.

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FAA, Choctaw Nation Unite under Drone Research
By Jim Tise
Dec. 16, 2021